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We welcome your views and opinions. We use your feedback to understand what we are getting right, what we are getting wrong and where we can improve. We treat all complaints confidentially, respectfully and fairly so please get in touch.

What is a compliment, comment or complaint?

Compliment: complimentary feedback about our services. We welcome all types of feedback and our staff particularly enjoy receiving compliments, especially when they know they have made a customer happy.  Please let us know and we can pass on your thanks!

Comment: general feedback about our services which may include ideas, suggestions and solutions about how we could improve our services.  Your comments about our services may be used during policy reviews so please let us know if you have any ideas about how you think we could do things better.

Complaint: an expression of dissatisfaction. This could be about the standard of our service, or perhaps you feel we have not delivered the services to agreed standards, quality or timescales.  Unfortunately, sometimes things do go wrong and we encourage you to let us know when this has been the case so we can put things right and hopefully prevent it from happening again to you or another customer.

How can I tell you what I think?

Compliments and comments: contact us and we will record and review your compliments and comments. We will use your feedback to improve services, where necessary.

Complaints: please tell us about your complaint as soon as possible. When you receive your complaint reference number and know who is dealing with it, please keep the information safe so you can use it if you need to contact us about your complaint. If someone is speaking to us on your behalf, please ensure they have your permission and that we know beforehand that so we can talk to them.

What will we do with feedback?

First Time Resolution
When we receive your complaint, we will aim to resolve it when you first tell us that you are unhappy with our service; this is referred to as a First Time Resolution. We aim to respond to you within 5 working days and provide a resolution to your complaint.  This will be either by the person taking the complaint from you or it may be passed to the relevant team for specialist advice.

If we can’t resolve your complaint at First Time Resolution, we will escalate your complaint to the Final Resolution stage of the complaints process.


Final Resolution

If your complaint has not been resolved at First Time Resolution, we will further investigate the matter.

We will agree on a date with you to respond, keep you informed of progress and give you the name of the Manager who is investigating your complaint. They will look at all the issues you have raised and will aim to respond within 15 working days.

If you are unhappy with our Final Resolution, or at any point during your complaint, you may be able to take your complaint to a Designated Person and/ or the Housing Ombudsman.

A Designated Person can be a Member of Parliament, a Local Councillor in the area where you live, or a recognised residents’ panel. They will try and help you resolve your complaint locally.

If your complaint falls within something the Housing Ombudsman can investigate they may be able to look at the complaint, and will let you know if they can take up your case on your behalf. 


Considerate Construction Scheme

If your complaint is about one of our development sites, you may be able to get help pursuing your complaint through the Considerate Construction Scheme


IFF Research Partner

Please note that to continuously improve our service to our customers, once your complaint has been dealt with, you may be selected at random to complete a survey with our independent research partner IFF Research.  If selected for the survey, your contact details will be shared in line with our Data Privacy Notice.  IFF Research will contact you by telephone and the caller number that will appear will be 0203 148 7717

If you do not wish to be contacted for the survey, please let us know and we will ensure that your details are not shared, and you will not be contacted.