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Supply Chain Opportunities

M&Y values our supply chain's pivotal role. We prioritise local, sustainable suppliers, guarantee prompt payments, and bolster local business growth.

Dynamic Purchasing System

Our Dynamic Purchasing System (DPS) is designed to streamline the supplier onboarding process. Suppliers can join our DPS at any time, becoming 'pre-approved' and simplifying their participation in tenders advertised on our platform. Please note that we require all suppliers and contractors to use this system to secure work with us. In the past 12 months, we have appointed over 120 local subcontractors and suppliers and awarded various contracts through this system. Exciting opportunities continue to arise!

Our Supply Chain Composition

Did you know that 85% of the businesses in our supply chain are Small and Medium-sized Enterprises? We take pride in our commitment to procuring from local sources and promoting sustainability.

What Our Suppliers Say

We value our suppliers' voices and contributions, and we are dedicated to fostering partnerships that benefit everyone involved. Your success is our success!