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Sustainability in Action: Crafting a Greener Future Together

Discover our commitment to environmental stewardship through innovative strategies and sustainable practices, shaping a brighter future for all.

Rising to the Challenge of Becoming Net Zero by 2050

We are committed to minimising the impact of our operations on the environment, reducing our carbon footprint, procuring sustainably, and reducing waste. To reach our goals, we have a clear Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) strategy to guide us. We will explore new technologies, collaborate with the wider industry, drive efficiencies, and empower our staff to bring their ideas to the table.
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Our Commitment to Sustainability

We've enhanced practices and our fleet to achieve carbon neutrality. Our first electric vehicles came in 2022; 25% of our fleet will be electric by 2024. 60% now use AD Blue, breaking harmful nitrous oxide into natural gases. By 2024, 80% of our fleet will feature AD Blue and Euro 6 engines. Our hybrid work model cut 90,882 staff miles, saving £31,000 and 60,302 kg CO2. Our fleet's environmental impact is tracked for ongoing improvements.

Reducing Waste

In 2022, we optimised waste management with an app guiding operatives to disposal sites, minimising mileage and environmental impact. Our online platform tracks waste production, spend, tonnage, diversion rates, and segregation. Each project sets recycling targets. Presenting 17 affordable homes in Goose Green, Wigan, <1% landfill waste, 89.2% recycling, and 10% energy conversion were achieved.

Crafting Future-Ready Properties for Tomorrow

Amid escalating living costs, our major project enhances homes in Fleetwood. Since 2018, we've upgraded 420 residences, boosting energy efficiency through door, window, roof, and wall improvements. 117 more homes will be upgraded this year. Our new projects feature standard electric charging points. We're an approved Office for Zero Emissions Vehicles (OZEV) installer.
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Empowering Our Team to Catalyse Change

Our entire site staff undergoes IS0 14001-compliant environmental training, regularly updated. Our dynamic environmental working group encourages sustainability enthusiasts across the organisation to spark ideas and initiate company-wide projects. Notably, the group pioneered a workwear recycling scheme, repurposing unfit attire for greater sustainability impact.