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Gender Pay Gap Statement for M&Y Maintenance and Construction 2023

As part of our commitment to Equality, Diversity and Inclusion we recognise the importance of collecting data and effectively analysing our gender pay gap to identify areas of concern and guide effective action. 

Since April 2017, all organisations in the UK with more than 250 employees have been required to publish details of their gender pay gap; in particular, the difference in average female earnings compared to average male earnings. 

For M&Y Maintenance and Construction, based on data from 5 April 2023, these figures are:

The proportion of male and females in each pay quartile:

For comparison, the workforce is 85% male, 15% female overall.


The median gender pay gap across M&Y Maintenance and Construction on 5 April 2023 was 12.4%, which represents a pleasing improvement on last year’s 15.3% gap, and for the first time puts M&Y ahead of the national average gender pay gap of 14.3%.

The data shows that females are over-represented in roles in the lowest pay quartiles and underrepresented in the upper quartiles.  The key reason for this is the dominance of men in the skilled trades roles, along with the associated career routes for these trade-based occupations.  There is evidently more work for M&Y (as well as society more generally) to identify, encourage and equip women to take up skilled trade roles and identify, encourage and support women who have the potential to grow into more senior roles within the sector.

As part of The Regenda Group, M&Y is committed to supporting and promoting the principles of Equality, Diversity and Inclusion (ED&I). This commitment is embraced by our Executive Team and Group Board. It informs all our activities and their impact on our customers, colleagues and other stakeholders.

Our EDI Strategy sets out a purposeful and coordinated approach to improving equality, diversity and inclusion for our customers and workforce. Our EDI Ambassadors Group is driving our EDI Strategy forward across the organisation, with nominated champions at senior executive and Board level.

A key element of this is to improve our ability to collect and effectively analyse key EDI metrics, to identify issues and inform effective action.  Reporting on the gender pay gap is a fundamental part of this approach and our People Services team have commenced work on developing an improved suite of equality and diversity metrics, including recruitment and promotion related indicators, enabling better identification of any barriers to recruiting a more diverse workforce.

This year we will have also invested in an organisation-wide EDI training programme which has raised awareness of equality issues, worked to challenge unconscious bias and created an environment where staff and customers are able to thrive regardless of their background or status.

Our development and mentoring programme for aspiring leaders (LEAD) continues to help women (and men) develop the skills, confidence and aspiration to move into more senior roles, and provides access to mentoring from senior female role models.

To ensure our pay and reward offer is objective, fair and transparent we have also conducted an organisation-wide salary benchmarking exercise in recent months.

We also create apprenticeship opportunities and through our work with schools, partners and our subsidiary training company, The Learning Foundry, to help promote aspiration, work placements and entry level roles to a diverse potential future workforce.

M&Y is committed to taking effective action that helps reduce our gender pay gap and will keep our workforce, Board and stakeholders regularly updated with progress towards achieving this.

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Gill Kelly 
Managing Director