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Managing Director, Gill Kelly embraces opportunities for change…

I am so glad I was born in a world with Octobers, as Autumn teaches us just how beautiful change can be. 

This is a great reminder as we are working through our busiest year yet at M&Y. We have 8 live construction sites, 2 of which are significant projects worth over £25m between them, a number of new contracts, new members of the team, a fresh new website and a fantastic buzz of energy around the sites and offices.

Whenever M&Y refreshes our business plan and resets the direction of the business, we always involve our teams, as the direction of travel is something we all need to agree on. It is a plan we make together, and a plan we all believe is achievable, otherwise we would simply fail at the first hurdle.

An ambitious, engaged, and motivated team, who are consulted and heard, is the only way to move a business forward, after all we are all in this together!

The Regenda Group acquired Ecogee in March this year. This fantastic local SME has been delivering solutions to help thousands of homes in the North West become more energy efficient for over 10 years, and they can also provide funding knowledge and support to organisations to ensure they can maximise the government support which is available. Ecogee are the perfect sister company to M&Y, as our services and expertise complement each other.

M&Y became part of The Regenda Group 14 years ago, I was the Finance Director back then, and I have been the Managing Director for over 10 years now, so who better to support the Ecogee team with their integration into the Group, than somebody who has been through a similar experience. 

I always believe when businesses merge, you strive for the ‘best of both’, people can miss a trick when they believe one business needs to be consumed by another, when actually if you care to listen and pay attention, you will quickly realise it is an opportunity for the existing businesses to be invigorated and inspired, as well as the other way round.  The future is incredibly bright for Ecogee, and I am so delighted I get to play a part in their journey.

The purpose of M&Y has always been to regenerate places, by providing quality new homes, great customer centred services and provide safe and happy jobs for local people, a place where people want to come to work and feel they are developed, cared for and consulted. In addition to this we strive to make a difference and add real tangible social value back into our local communities.

M&Y have generated over £1m of social value so far this year including sponsorships to community groups, supporting apprentices and work placements, attending schools and colleges and inspiring young people about careers in our sector and supporting some fantastic local charities, to name a few. I believe our people are motivated by making a difference and seeing the positive impact we can make by generating profit for purpose.

A famous Walt Disney quote is “Every leader is telling a story about what he or she values”, well I believe my story is telling a tale about people, passion, and purpose, and as for M&Y and Ecogee, our reach and footprint is only going to get bigger and better!

Wishing you a wonderful Autumn, and remember Autumn teaches us the beauty of letting go, growth requires release, and that is exactly what trees do!

Until next time,

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