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M&Y Joins En: Procure’s Energy Efficiency Retrofit DPS

Example of external wall installation

We are thrilled to share the exciting news that M&Y Maintenance and Construction has earned a coveted spot on En: Procure’s Dynamic Purchasing System (DPS), enabling us to offer our expertise in External Wall Installation (EWI) services throughout the North West region.

As a prominent provider of EWI and retrofit services in the area, we boast an extensive track record in EWI installations. Notably, we recently completed a five-year EWI program for Regenda Homes, a project focused on enhancing the energy efficiency of their homes in Fleetwood, Wyre.

Building a Sustainable Future

In an era marked by economic challenges and increasing living costs, with 56% of residents in the region living in poverty, the imperative to construct and maintain energy-efficient homes has never been more pronounced.

When we embarked on the Fleetwood project, the 600 homes involved had Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) ratings of D and E. The program involved the removal of old, inefficient cavity wall insulation, replaced by External Wall Insulation (EWI) more suitable for a coastal environment. Additionally, necessary roof, window, and door works were undertaken.

Paving the Way to Energy Efficiency

Thanks to these efforts, the properties have now been retrofitted to meet PAS 2035 standards, achieving an EPC rating of C. This not only supports Regenda Homes in their pursuit of the government target for homes to achieve an EPC rating of C or higher by 2030 but also translates into tangible benefits for residents. On average, energy bills have been reduced by £207 per household.

A Vision for the Future

Kevin Moses, Director of Operations at M&Y, expressed his excitement, saying, “We’re truly excited about being awarded a place on this DPS and having the opportunity to undertake more vital projects like this one. It makes a significant difference for both residents and the environment, while also greatly enhancing the aesthetic appeal of homes.”

He continued, “We’ve gained valuable insights from this project, which we now aim to share with the industry through our sponsorship of The Energy Plus Academy, a program facilitated by the London School of Economics and NCRC. Collaboration is paramount to ensure the sharing of skills and knowledge, as well as involving residents in processes that directly impact their way of life.”

Building a Sustainable Tomorrow, Today

At M&Y Maintenance and Construction, we are dedicated to advancing sustainable living and creating a better future for our communities. Our inclusion in En: Procure’s DPS is a testament to our commitment to energy efficiency and our unwavering resolve to make a positive impact.

Stay tuned for more updates as we continue to pave the way for energy-efficient, environmentally responsible construction and maintenance solutions.

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