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Building Futures: M&Y and PLACED’s Youth Programme Invests in Future Talent

M&Y Maintenance and Construction, in partnership with The Regenda Group and PLACED, is thrilled to announce the launch of an exciting new employability and skills programme designed to engage young people from Wirral and Liverpool in the construction, design and development of their communities. This initiative underscores our commitment to nurturing young talent and ensuring the local community benefits from appropriate and innovative accommodation solutions.

The PLACED Partnership Academy programme, funded by M&Y, brings together participants aged 14 to 18 from Wirral and Liverpool. The programme is designed to explore the differences and similarities between the areas they live in, fostering a deeper understanding of community needs and aspirations while encouraging young people to explore the vast variety of careers available in the construction, maintenance and built environment industry.

At the heart of our projects at Grove Street, Liverpool, and New Ferry, Wirral, lies a profound commitment to delivering social value that transcends the construction of buildings. With a keen focus on engaging local youth and young adults, we are set to provide a multitude of opportunities for participants to develop skills and gain access to the construction and maintenance industry. This includes site visits, engagement with schools, and offering work placements that pave the way for future careers in the built environment.

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Our collaboration with PLACED is set to enrich the lives of the young participants by offering a comprehensive programme that includes a ten-day holiday programme delivered in school holidays, with design workshops culminating project that allows young participants to apply their newfound knowledge and skills. The programme is not only about fostering creativity and critical thinking but also about building self-belief, civic pride, and a sense of citizenship.

Integral to the success of this programme is the collaboration with John McCall Architects and ShedKM, who are offering their architectural expertise to mentor the young participants. John McCall Architects will be guiding participants in New Ferry, Wirral, while ShedKM will engage with those learning about the Grove Street development in Liverpool. This partnership not only provides a practical insight into the architectural process but also exemplifies the community and professional support essential for nurturing the next generation of talent in the construction and maintenance sectors.

Along with our partners, we are dedicated to creating a platform that not only meets today’s community and housing needs but also equips the younger generation with the tools they need for tomorrow. Through initiatives like the PLACED Partnership Academy programme, we’re proudly demonstrating our commitment to going ‘above and beyond’ in listening to and supporting the communities we serve.

“We are not just building structures; we’re committed to building futures. This programme is a testament to our belief in the potential of young people and our commitment to the communities we serve. By partnering with PLACED, we’re offering young individuals from Wirral and Liverpool a unique opportunity to explore careers in construction and maintenance, while also empowering them to make a tangible difference in their communities. Our aim is not only to open doors to new career paths but to inspire a new generation to dream big and contribute creatively to the development of their neighbourhoods.”

– Chris Mellor, Construction Director of M&Y Maintenance and Construction
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“PLACED are thrilled to be working with M&Y Maintenance and Construction, The Regenda Group, John McCall Architects and ShedKM to deliver this Partnership Academy. We’re passionate about youth empowerment and increasing citizenship through enabling young people to contribute to the design of towns and cities, and believe it is essential that we work together to support those under-represented in the built environment in accessing the sector. This Partnership Academy enables us to provide young participants with the opportunity to work with those involved in the delivery of two transformational projects, sharing their ideas whilst seeing first-hand what working in the sector looks like. We look forward to seeing the participants grow in confidence and knowledge over the next few months and supporting them longer term through the wider PLACED Academy programme.”

– Jo Harper, Director of PLACED

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