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Embracing Change and Growth: M&Y’s Outlook for 2023

Gill Kelly writing in her notebook

“Spring: A lovely reminder of how beautiful change can truly be.”

Change is indeed beautiful, and at M&Y, we’ve seen this beauty unfold over the past decade. As we step into 2023, we reflect on our journey, acknowledge our growth, and eagerly embrace the transformative year ahead.

A Decade of Transformation

Over the last ten years, M&Y has experienced significant growth. We have diversified our offerings to encompass planned maintenance, facilities management, and construction. This evolution has been a testament to our resilience, adaptability, and commitment to delivering excellence in all that we do.

Learning from Failure

In the face of past failures, we held onto a valuable lesson: “the price of doing the same old thing is higher than the price of change.” These words served as a constant reminder to pivot, improve, and persist until we achieved success. Our journey has been one of learning, growth, and continuous improvement.

A Promising Year Ahead

As we enter 2023, it promises to be a significant year for M&Y. We are set to achieve our largest turnover to date, reaching almost £50 million. Exciting and substantial projects await us, and we have meticulously planned for this moment. We’ve invested in developing our existing team and have welcomed dynamic and experienced experts to help us realize our ambitious goals. With these preparations, we are confident that 2023 will be a year of great achievements.

Completing Unfinished Projects and Adding Value

In Merseyside, we are stepping up to complete large projects left unfinished due to the unfortunate collapse of other construction contractors. It’s a troubling trend within our sector, but we are determined to make a positive impact. By engaging with the previous supply chain, employing local talent, and delivering essential social value to the project areas, we aim to turn a difficult and unfortunate situation into something better.

Customer-Centricity at Our Core

Our values guide us, and “customer-centricity” is one that we hold dear. We understand that our customers are at the heart of our success. As we work with new clients and customers in 2023, we’ve refreshed our customer-centric training for all team members. This ensures that every person at M&Y empathizes with our customers and strives to deliver services tailored to their needs.

Challenges and Collaboration

While this year may bring challenges, particularly concerning supply and utility costs, we remain optimistic. We believe that through open, honest, and collaborative efforts, sharing risks, and fostering creativity, we can continue to achieve our ambitions. Our unwavering commitment to placing the customer at the center of everything we do will guide us through any obstacles that may arise.

A New Season of Success

As we embark on this new season, we look forward to basking in the sunshine of success and creating meaningful social impact. Change, growth, and resilience are the cornerstones of our journey, and we’re excited to see what beautiful transformations lie ahead. Here’s to a year filled with progress, positivity, and prosperity.

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