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M&Y Fleet Manager’s Daring Wing Walk for Road Safety

Justin Toole

At M&Y, our team is always up for an adventure, especially when it’s for a good cause. We recently caught up with our Fleet Manager, Justin Toole, as he prepares to take road safety to new heights with a daring Wing Walk challenge to raise funds for the national road safety charity, Brake.

So Justin, are you sure about this? Wing walking sounds pretty extreme!

Justin: Absolutely! I know it might seem a little crazy, but I love an adventure, and if it involves heights or flying, even better. I’ve done skydives and bungee jumps before, so I’m excited to cross wing walking off my list.

You’ve done similar daring challenges in the past. What motivates you to take on these adventures?

Justin: Of course, I have a taste for adventure, but I also believe that when you have the opportunity to have amazing experiences and raise money for good causes while doing it, it’s a no-brainer! I’m grateful that I can do things like this for charity and support causes I care about. At M&Y, we are very focused on giving back and supporting our communities, which resonates with me on a personal level as well.

This time, you’re fundraising for Brake. Tell us about that.

Justin: Brake is a charity doing incredibly important work. A road traffic accident can change lives in an instant, whether through injuries, mental impacts, or unexpected bereavement. Brake is there to support people going through some of the most difficult times in their lives. At M&Y, we have operatives on the road every day, and many people driving to and from offices. That’s why I wanted to take on this challenge for Brake.

You’ve set a target of £1,000. What impact will that make for Brake?

Justin: It’ll make an incredible impact. Every pound we raise will go towards supporting Brake’s work with communities and organizations to reduce road deaths and injuries, making streets and communities safer for everyone, and supporting people who have been bereaved or seriously injured on the roads. Donations, big or small, can make a significant difference. For example, £10 can help them run their helpline supporting those who are suddenly bereaved or injured, £5 can support their work in schools engaging children with road safety, and £2 can help support a family through their Children Support Guides.

How can people support you with this challenge?

Justin: Well, for the bold-hearted, there are still places available on the challenge, and the more brave wing walkers we have, the more money we can raise together! For those who prefer to keep their feet on the ground, it would be fantastic if you could donate to my JustGiving page. Help us spread the word, raise as much money as possible, and get people talking about road safety!

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