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Empowering young individuals through PLACED Academy partnership

PLACED Academy

We’re so proud to announce the successful completion of the PLACED Partnership Academy programme, aimed at empowering young people aged 14-18 to explore careers in the built environment and make tangible contributions to their communities.

The 10-day workshops, funded by M&Y and commissioned by The Regenda Group (TRG), focused on major housing developments in Liverpool and the Wirral. Through creative activities, site visits, and presentations, young participants had the opportunity to design safe, biodiverse, and well-lit spaces while investing profits back into the community and supporting multicultural and multigenerational initiatives.

Chris Mellor, Construction Director of M&Y said:
“We are not just building structures; we’re committed to building futures, Our partnership with PLACED highlights our dedication to empowering young individuals and inspiring a new generation to dream big and contribute creatively to the development of their neighbourhoods.”

The incredible outcomes from the PLACED academy showcase the potential of young people to make a positive difference in their communities. The initiatives designed by the participants emphasize community-driven efforts to reduce isolation, encourage socialization, and promote activities for all ages, while integrating green spaces, natural forms, and sustainable initiatives.

Our partnership with PLACED has had a significant impact on the young people’s interest in the built environment and housing sector. 26% feel sure they want to work in this industry when they’re older, and 47% are highly interested.

The success of the PLACED Partnership Academy programme underpins M&Y’s commitment to social value and empowering the next generation to make meaningful contributions to their communities.

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