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Our ESG Commitment: Making a Difference

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At the core of our 40-year journey lies a profound dedication to regenerating communities sustainably, empowering local individuals and enterprises. We take immense pride in our mission, firmly believing that we can create a positive impact on our planet while ensuring our customers’ needs are always a top priority. Our recently unveiled Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) Report exemplifies our commitment to progress, spotlighting our accomplishments, setting ambitious goals, and unveiling our vision for the year ahead.

Putting People First

Our ESG strategy is centered around people, including our remarkable employees. As a family-run business, we take great pride in fostering a workplace that encourages resilience, personal growth, and unwavering support for our staff. This commitment has been acknowledged with our prestigious two-star Best Companies rating for the past two years. We are dedicated to maintaining excellence in colleague satisfaction.

Supporting Communities

Beyond our core mission of constructing, repairing, and maintaining high-quality homes, we proudly extend our support to communities, charities, and schools in the regions where we operate. By generating £3.1 million in social value last year, which includes a charitable donation of £10,000, we reaffirm our dedication to giving back to society. Furthermore, we actively contribute to shaping the future workforce by educating people about careers in construction and maintenance, nurturing the aspirations of local children.

Protecting the Environment

The environment holds a special place in our hearts, and we tirelessly work to minimize our ecological footprint. Our achievement of recycling 95% of our waste in the past year reflects our dedication, and we have set an even more ambitious target of 97% for the coming year. As an ISO 14001 certified business, we assure our clients, employees, and stakeholders that our environmental impact is constantly under scrutiny, driving continuous improvement in our practices.

Supporting Local Businesses

Our commitment to ESG extends to supporting local businesses and sustainable practices. We are proud that 85% of businesses in our supply chain are Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (SMEs), contributing to their prosperity and supporting the local economy. Our focus on procuring 91% of our supply chain locally within the North West, our primary operational region, ensures sustainable growth and strengthens our community ties.

Gill Kelly, our Managing Director, encapsulates our company’s vision and purpose:

“M&Y’s purpose has always been clear; we exist to regenerate places. Our core objective is to repair and build quality homes, and we recognize that we have a duty to protect and improve our environment and communities while doing so. For years, we have been improving our practices, setting ourselves ambitious people, place, planet, and procurement themed targets. I’m delighted to share our performance so far and plans for the future in this exciting report.”

While we celebrate our current achievements, we acknowledge that this is just the beginning of our ESG journey. We understand our responsibility to preserve our planet, deliver value to our customers, build sustainable and affordable communities, and support our communities to thrive. The journey ahead is filled with excitement and promise, as we continue to build on our commitments, pursuing even greater positive impact in the years to come.

Our ESG Report embodies our pride and confidence in the transformative impact we are making. We invite you to read our full report and explore the depth of our commitment to sustainability, community empowerment, and customer satisfaction. As we move forward, we are determined to remain at the forefront of sustainable progress, ensuring that our actions leave a lasting and positive legacy on the planet and the communities we serve.

Checkout our ESG Report 2022-23 here

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