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2023 Annual Review | Managing Director Update

M&Y 2023 Annual Review banner, blue background with M&Y's Logo and text saying '2023 Review, Building and maintaining homes since 1980'. Three images to the right feature a close up of a steel frame being lifted by a crane, a group of M&Y staff smiling at an event and a picture of a newly finished semi-detached house.

Managing Director, Gill Kelly reflects on a year of achievements…

“Welcome to the M&Y 2023 Annual Review, it is the chance to reflect and share the last 12 months with our colleagues and partners. 

“While reflecting on the last 12 months, I was pondering on a quote I once read which said Sell the problem you solve, and not the product you have, and I think this quote is really relevant to my business reflection. 

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“The problems M&Y have been solving this last year have included delivering partly completed developments after contractor insolvencies, delivering M&E services where safety and compliance is paramount for customers, delivering facilities management services to improve green spaces and communal areas for local communities, and many more services where M&Y are delivering solutions to solve problems for our partners, and to be honest, this is something we are very good at. 

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“At M&Y we pride ourselves on attracting, recruiting, and retaining great people, who understand our purpose and why we are here, and then translate this into the culture and behaviours that our customers experience through our services. At M&Y, if you visit a customer, then deliver the service you would want to receive yourself, keep your promises and put yourself into their shoes, and if you do that, we will thrive and can continue to offer services to solve problems across the North West. 

“2023 has seen further growth and diversification in M&Y, and to be honest, it hasn’t all been easy, as the economic climate we operate in has continued to remain challenging and this has impacted our supply chain, our people, and our customers. We have however managed to work through the challenges, we have stayed true to our values, and we have strengthened our partnerships, achieving repeat business, which is the best testament we can get. 

“M&Y have sustained 5% of our workforce as apprentices and we are aiming to increase this in 2024 with additional commercial and construction degree apprenticeships alongside the trade apprentices, as we understand growing our own creates the best ‘values’ driven workforce. I also love to hear their ideas and aspirations for the construction and maintenance solutions of the future, our industry needs to evolve, and we need new blood, diversity, and different perspectives to manage this. 

“Lastly, my resolution for 2024 is more persistence, after almost 30 years in this industry, I understand that success is always from consistent persistence, and that there is always a way to solve any problem, you just have to try consistently, and you my friend, will succeed!”

Gill Kelly, Managing Director

Dive into our full annual review, we hope you have as much fun reading our case studies and statistics as we did regenerating places and creating opportunities for people throughout 2023.

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